X-Treme Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Collection

X-Treme Electric Bike CollectionOur X-Treme electric bike and electric scooter collection provides fun, festive rides at a reasonable price point. Whether you’re shopping for a kid (or just a kid-at-heart), these e-bikes and e-scooters are perfect for exercise, entertainment, and easy alternative transportation. Not only are they safe and street legal, but they provide the perfect amount of motorized power to supplement your own activity without replacing it.

From motorized mountain bikes to folding electric cruisers, X-treme offers a unique option for every cyclist. Perfect to carve the sidewalks standing up? The brand’s electric kick scooters are an energetic update on the classic toy.

  • Twist throttles put you in complete control of your energy expenditure.
  • Innovative rear hub motors provide power directly to your e-bike’s back wheel, streamlining the design and eliminating unnecessary wires.
  • Shimano shifting systems allow you to move seamlessly and efficiently through your varied gears.

Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to get around town, or an adrenaline-pumping way to get the kids playing outside again, the X-Treme electric bike and electric scooter collection is a reliable option that’ll pay off in reliability.

X-Treme Electric Bike Models

X-Treme XB-700LiX-Treme XB-700LiAs the newest addition to the X-Treme electric bike collection, the XB-700 LI combines the laid-back feel of an electric moped with the street legality of a traditional bicycle. Pedals allow you to exercise at your own pace, while the 700 watt motor provides more assistance than any other X-Treme e-bikes.


 X-Treme XB-610X-Treme XB-610Designed with alternative commuting in mind, the X-Treme XB-610 is a surprisingly zippy power assisted bicycle. The 600 watt motor provides an efficient range for jaunts across town, while the sturdy design gives you both stability and storage for your journey.


X-Treme XB-502X-Treme XB-502Featuring the same moped-inspired style of the XB-700 LI and the XB-610, the XB-502 is built with an economical 500 watt motor. Four individual batteries provide plenty of power, while allowing your electric bike to stay strong through more than 500 charging cycles.


X-Treme XB-300X-Treme XB-300 & XB-305X-Treme’s electric mountain bikes are available in either a men’s (XB-300) or a women’s (XB-305) design. No matter which frame you choose, the 300 watt rear hub motor allows you to cruise on the trails, while durable LiPo4 batteries provide extended performance for off-road adventures.


X-Treme XB-310X-Treme XB-310 LITaking the motorized mountain bike concept one step further, the X-Treme XB-310Li folds for ultimate portability. Despite the unique engineering, it doesn’t lose any of its rugged durability; front hydraulic forks and Shimano gears allow the XB-310Li to take on a wide variety of terrains.


X-Treme XB-200X-Treme XB-200 LI & XB-210 LIBuilt for those on the go, the X-Treme XB-200Li is small but strong. The 300 watt motor makes this X-Treme folding electric bike great for cross-campus commutes and neighborhood play; the lightweight aluminum frame makes it incredibly portable. Also available with smaller 12 inch wheels (model XB-210LI).

X-Treme Electric Scooter Models

X-Treme X-600X-Treme X-600X-Treme’s premium X-600 electric scooter features all the essentials and then some. Dual front and rear suspension, aluminum racing handlebars, and polished steel shocks make the X-600 that most loaded e-scooter X-Treme has to offer. The 600 watt motor put it even further ahead of its competition.


X-Treme 370X-Treme X-370 – The best-selling X-370 X-Treme electric scooter is built with a 350 watt motor and a trio of rechargeable batteries. The chain drive provides a smooth, evenly-powered ride, while a rear drum braking system ensures safe and reliable control over the forward motion.


X-Treme X-250X-Treme X-250Colorful, durable, and light, the X-Treme X-250 is designed as an electric scooter for kids. The aluminum deck can withstand years of tough wear, and the 250 watt motor tops out at around 15 miles per hour.



X-Treme X-140X-Treme X-140 More exciting than a traditional kid’s standing scooter, the X-Treme X-140 can zip down the sidewalks at up to 10 miles per hour. The adjustable-height steel frame is impact-resistant, and the maintenance-free batteries are simpler than ever to keep up to pace.